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What does a shrinking unemployment rate mean for PR positions?

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By Rachel Wozniak, Account Associate for Webster’s Bookstore Café

As of Saturday, March 9, the United States employment rate has dropped to 7.9%, the lowest that it has been since 2008.  The addition of 236,000 new jobs in February certainly boosts the economy as a whole and is making many Americans optimistic for the future.  Though this is beneficial to the country in general, what does it mean for us in the public relations and communications field?

It means business is “a-boomin’.”

According to PRNews article, both agency and in-house PR positions have been opening up and employers are ready and willing to hire.  On the same website, we see that over 2,000 new positions have opened up in the field.  So for those of your graduating this spring or for those who are looking for internships, don’t be discouraged!  Get in those applications and make yourself stand out.  The opportunities are on the rise, so raise your determination to fill these positions and make employers say “you’re the one.”

In addition to an increase in job openings for PR professionals, the importance of our place within the company is increasing now as well.  As more and more companies are searching for new employees, they each want to attract the best-qualified applicants and potential employees.  This is where we come in.  It is our job to make sure that our company’s or agency’s name stands out amongst the rest, not only to promote ourselves in the media but also to advertise our job openings.  If we do our job right and heavily publicize our company and its eagerness to hire, then more potential employees will be aware of what is being offered to them and apply – resulting in a higher quality and quantity of employees.  Though the main purpose of PR is to promote ourselves to our audiences and the media, a secondary task of building a strong staff and team to support the message that we disseminate is often overlooked.

Regardless of whether you’re already established in your position and looking to add valuable employees, or if you are that valuable potential employee searching for your position, it is an exciting time to be in public relations get out there and take advantage!

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